Patient FAQ


Q. How did you decide what ingredients to use in Ocufolin®?


Years of clinical research have occurred on this (or similar) product formula. The clinical evidence has shown significant benefits in reducing cellular inflammation that may cause your body difficulty. We think the current Ocufolin® formulation represents the very best of this cumulative knowledge and clinical experience.

Q. Does Ocufolin® have any side effects?


You really shouldn’t experience any side effects from these particular active ingredients. Although very rare, we must caution anyone who has a natural allergy to one or more of the listed ingredients. Please note that Ocufolin® is not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing. All patients should consult their physician before taking Ocufolin®. Occassionly due to NAC, patients taking three Ocufolin® daily experiences mild diarrhea, if this occurs, your doctor may suggest you reduce to one or two capsules daily, or discontinue.

Please note that the highest possible (GMP) manufacturing standards are used in our manufacturing process for Ocufolin®. As such, there are:

  • No Milk/ Dairy
  • No Gluten
  • No Lactose
  • No Preservatives or Dyes

Q. What if I can’t tolerate taking Ocufolin®?


If you are unhappy or dissatisfied in any way with our product, you or the patient may return the bottle for a full refund. Each patient’s satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Q. How do I order Ocufolin®?


Wholesale: As a medical food, Ocufolin® is meant for distribution through physicians/healthcare professionals. You must have an account to view and purchase Ocufolin® products. If you already have an account, you can log in here. If you are currently logged in, you can view and purchase Ocufolin® products here. If you don‘t have an account, you can create a new account here, where you will first be prompted to enter the passcode provided to you by your sales rep.

Retail: As a medical food, Ocufolin® is meant for distribution through physicians/healthcare professionals. However, a patient may buy the product directly from GHF if their physician reviews the product, agrees to supervise the patient’s use and signs off on the Patient Request Form. These extra steps are required to demonstrate appropriate physician supervision to the FDA.