How To Use


Effective Daily Dose

The clinical studies with Ocufolin® have shown the optimal dose to be three capsules daily. Your physician may adjust this to your specific situation.

Best Practices in Taking Ocufolin®

  • Take Ocufolin® at mealtime (absorption of active ingredients works best when taken with food).
  • Take Ocufolin® at one time or in divided doses.

A Few Simple Precautions

  • Please avoid taking Ocufolin® with water on an empty stomach as this will inhibit the Vitamin D absorption.
  • If you feel a burst of energy when taking Ocufolin® (relatively high B12 dose), consider taking it earlier in the day to avoid disrupting sleep. The energy burst may be similar to the sensation of drinking two cups of coffee.
  • If you feel “hyper” after taking Ocufolin®, consider titrating up to the full dose of three capsules daily. On your first day or two, take only one capsule. Then add a second capsule for another day or two. Finally, increase to three capsules a day. This allows your body time to adjust to the extra methylation being created.
  • If you frequently experience heartburn sensations, avoid laying down flat for at least three hours after taking Ocufolin®.
  • If your urine becomes bright yellow or has a slightly musty smell, this is very normal (riboflavin), no need to worry.
  • If you find the capsules hard to swallow, take a spoonful of applesauce or milk to coat your mouth and throat before taking Ocufolin®. You may, if necessary, open the capsules and mix the contents with applesauce or pudding.

Still Have Other Questions?

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