Introducing Ocufolin

Introducing Ocufolin®

A medical food product to address common underlying genetic metabolic imbalances and improve retinal blood flow. Retinal ischemia is preceded by endothelial dysfunction and often with elevated homocysteine (Hcy). By addressing these underlying metabolic abnormalities which lowers Hcy, Ocufolin® has been shown to increase both retinal and conjunctival tissue perfusion.

New Clinical Data

New Clinical Data

To date, three new clinical studies using Ocufolin® have been conducted and published by the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute (U of Miami/ Miami Miller School of Medicine).

• Improved visual acuity and retinal microcirculation indices for mild diabetic retinopathy patients with MTHFR (Liu, et al, Clinical Ophthalmology: 2022)

• Improved conjunctival microvascular indices for diabetic retinopathy patients with MTHFR (Liu, et al; Microvascular Research:2020)

• Improved retinal microvascular indices for diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy (Wang, et al; Eye & Vision:2019)

These trial results matched and extended original clinical observations that lead to the formulation of Ocufolin®.

We are Global Healthcare Focus

We are Global Healthcare Focus, LLC

Our mission is to serve the eye care industry with peer reviewed clinical data and innovative insights for improving the care of retinal ischemia and retinal endothelial injury. This focus has guided our work for more than a decade and culminates in the launch of Ocufolin®. This product is the embodiment of our best practices, our best science and manufacturing processes. We trust that it will serve the needs of your patients as it has for ours. We look forward to speaking with you.

How to Order

How to Order Ocufolin®

Wholesale: As a medical food, Ocufolin® is meant for distribution through physicians/healthcare professionals. You must have an account to view and purchase Ocufolin® products. If you already have an account, you can log in here. If you are currently logged in, you can view and purchase Ocufolin® products here. If you don‘t have an account, you can create a new account here, where you will first be prompted to enter the passcode provided to you by your sales rep.

Retail: As a medical food, Ocufolin® is meant for distribution through physicians/healthcare professionals. However, a patient may buy the product directly from GHF if their physician reviews the product, agrees to supervise the patient’s use and signs off on the Patient Request Form. These extra steps are required to demonstrate appropriate physician supervision to the FDA.

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