A Brief History

Use of combination folate/B6/B12 started almost two decades ago in the form of prescription medical foods (products such as Foltx® and Metanx® to lower Hcy levels). These products were promoted for use in DPN (Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy) and were studied in numerous trials for DPN patient management. In those early years, Neurologists and Podiatrists were often the biggest fans of this combination ingredient approach and they observed the direct benefits for many type-2 diabetes patients. As eye care specialists, we believe that you are in a unique position to literally observe the microvascular improvement of Diabetic Retinopathy patients.

The Homocysteine Story

As seen in the figure above, Folic Acid must complete a 7-step process in order to become the active form of folate (l-methylfolate) and play the role needed to effectively convert Hcy in the cellular methylation cycle. Both l-methylfolate and active B12 work as cofactors needed to convert Hcy into methionine. This methylation is used in the production of DNA and in protein synthesis.

NOTE: the presence of MTHFR enzyme (genetic limitation for many patients with folate-related polymorphisms) is usually the rate limiting factor in the methylation cycle for Hcy.

Elevated homocysteine (Hcy) is a driver of microvascular disease and impaired retinal perfusion. Elevated Hcy increases the risk of DR, vascular endothelial injury and the expression of VEGF.

Pricing History

Several products emerged before 2010 (i.e. Metanx®) to address elevated Homocysteine with diabetic patients (DPN for example). These products gradually increased in price from approximately $30 per month at that time to an average of $50 per month in today’s market. These products are typically a combination of three to four active ingredients and not specifically designed or dosed for eye health.

In particular, the addition of NAC (N-acetylcysteine) drives up production costs as does the addition of eye health ingredients such as Lutein and Zeaxanthin. We estimate that gathering the active ingredients found in a daily dose of Ocufolin™ would cost approximately $80 per month at retail prices. Instead, we are able to bundle these very specific ingredients for a retail price of just under $50 per month.

Global Healthcare Focus, LLC believes that Ocufolin™ provides an effective solution to this modern health concern. We provide a product of excellent quality and the right dose. One of the reasons most medications are so expensive is that the chain of wholesale distributors double or triple the price. Direct wholesale distribution substantially reduces the cost of OcufolinTM to doctors, pharmacies, and patients Ocufolin™ delivers real value that you can trust.