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Global Healthcare Focus, LLC
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Product Comments Or Questions

You may reach the Ocufolin® management team at Global Healthcare Focus, LLC by using email:

Product Information

Ocufolin® is registered under U.S. patent # 8,822,431. See the FAQ Page for more patient information or the Clinical Evidence Page for more on published research data, or read the Package Insert.

How To Order

Wholesale: As a medical food, Ocufolin® is meant for distribution through physicians/healthcare professionals. You must have an account to view and purchase Ocufolin® products. If you already have an account, you can log in here. If you are currently logged in, you can view and purchase Ocufolin® products here. If you don‘t have an account, you can create a new account here, where you will first be prompted to enter the passcode provided to you by your sales rep.

Retail: As a medical food, Ocufolin® is meant for distribution through physicians/healthcare professionals. However, a patient may buy the product directly from GHF if their physician reviews the product, agrees to supervise the patient’s use and signs off on the Patient Request Form. These extra steps are required to demonstrate appropriate physician supervision to the FDA.

Online Order

Ocufolin® is available to physicians, medical clinics, and pharmacies for order in wholesale quantities. Units of 6 bottles may be ordered as an introductory courtesy. Wholecase purchases (24 bottles per case), are more convenient and a better value.

Ordering Options

Health Care Professionals Offices may contact us at (866) 878-7576 or to discuss wholesale purchasing. A wholesale order form is available to any U.S.-based medical office. We offer free shipping for any order at one case or greater.

Your Satisfaction is Fully Guaranteed

Ocufolin® is manufactured in the United States. We make an excellent quality product. You can trust that our ingredients label is true and accurate. We exclusively use the highest quality sub-ingredients. That’s the reason why we can offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Proud to be an American Company

Global Healthcare Focus, LLC is based in Mobile, AL and we are proud to serve the needs of physicians and patients throughout the United States.