How To Take


The Correct Dose

As indicated on the product label, please take 3 capsules daily. Ideally, you will take this product with food. Once your food nutrients start to be digested, your body will also absorb more of Ocufolin’s active ingredients.

Some reports indicate taking the product in the morning is advantageous, but we do not see conclusive evidence that it makes any difference what time of day you choose. Some patients feel increased alertness with Ocufolin, if so take all doses early in the day, so sleep will not be affected. If this is excessive, consult your physician to adjust your dose.

Change Takes Time

Usually when a person develops a condition, changes in their body take place over a long period of time. These changes actually occur at a cellular level and may disrupt or alter the fundamental tasks performed by the cell. As such, to correct these metabolic imbalances also takes time. When taking a product like Ocufolin®, it is wise to be persistent and patient.

Take the correct dose each day at the same time, with a meal. Water soluble vitamins need water and fat soluble vitamins need fat, in order to absorb properly and reduce indigestion. Based upon the a body of the clinical research, the ingredients for Ocufolin® were selected very carefully and in very intentional amounts in order to help your body to change.

Stay the course and take the product for at least 90 days. In many of the clinical studies mentioned above, most patients saw benefits at 4 months, and more benefit at 6 months. Some patients continued to improved as much as 4 years out. Please plan to take Ocufolin® for at least 90-120 days before deciding if it is successful for you.