OCUFOLIN | Medical Food

Ocufolin is a medical food indicated for the distinct nutritional requirements of individuals who have reduced innate capacity to metabolize synthetic folic acid and folate into its biologically-active form, L-methylfolate, resulting in an increased risk for vascular eye disorders.

The macula, the retina and the optic nerve are completely dependent on proper blood flow for oxygen, nutrients, and waste removal. The retina is one of the most metabolically active tissues, consuming  oxygen and nutrients more rapidly than any other tissues,1 including the brain.2,3,4 Because the demand for oxygen and nutrients is so high, and because they cannot be stored in the retina or other tissues, a continuous supply is essential. 5,6

The high metabolic rate of the retina also creates metabolic waste that must be removed by blood flow. A reduction in blood flow in this tissue for any reason can lead to an accumulation of waste materials and free radicals that can result in damage to the retina and vision.